Common Characteristics of Great Achievers

Common Characteristics of Great Achievers

We all know a great achiever when we see one. For one, they make all the underachievers stand out like a sore thumb! But seriously, have you ever paused to notice the special characteristics that they consistently display?

Here are a number of these common traits and mindsets. You may be able to recognize some of them in yourself already, which means you're off to a good start. Otherwise, you can anticipate developing these admirable qualities as you gradually transform into a high achiever.

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They're action-oriented

High achievers are doers. Inaction, procrastination, and delay are dirty words to them. They're just not part of their mindset.

High achievers roll up their sleeves and get things done. They don't overload themselves with information or spend hours in detailed planning. They've learned not to fear taking risks and usually take action with minimal planning.

In a nutshell, inaction is simply not an option regardless of the situation.

They have clutter-free lives

High achievers are well-organized because they take care to keep their lives clutter-free. Their homes, workspaces, even their cars and garages are typically tidy, streamlined, and free of superfluous clutter. They keep on hand only the essentials they use on a daily basis.

A clutter-free life goes beyond the mere physical. It gives high achievers amazing mental clarity, focus, and peace of mind. In other words, physical decluttering declutters the mind as well.

They take charge

High achievers make great leaders and managers; their proactive mindset drives them to leap up and take charge when decisive action is needed. They do this naturally without the intention of offending or showing off. And because others recognize this, they're more than happy to follow.

This quality serves them well in crisis situations and team management – and naturally, opens the door to greater opportunities.

They thrive on challenges and crises

Difficult projects, tight deadlines, setbacks, and crises are exciting challenges for high achievers. Where others may panic or hesitate, a high achiever will usually jump in and save the day.

Failure is a very slim option for high achievers and therefore, they see difficulties as an opportunity for learning and gaining experience. Tough situations are challenging tests of their resilience, persistence, and capabilities.

They're outcome-oriented

High achievers are highly focused on the outcomes of their actions. When working on a project or task, they regularly stop and assess whether their actions are leading them towards the desired outcome.

Where others may stick blindly to a prior plan or schedule, a high achiever will not hesitate to stop and change actions or goals if they're not aligning to the outcome.

They're highly optimistic

Life for a high achiever never ceases to be a thrilling, exciting adventure to be explored and enjoyed to its fullest. They have immense gratitude but also acceptance.

A high achiever understands that life has its ups and downs. They celebrate the good times with gratitude and joy. They face the bad times with acceptance, resilience, and a fierce determination to overcome them.

This outlook is a foolproof recipe for eternal optimism and hope, which fuels purpose and passion.

They're great listeners

A high achiever rarely needs to be told what to do twice. That's because they're great listeners. They make sure they've heard and understood all the details and don’t hesitate to ask pertinent questions.

Naturally, this allows them to get things right the first time around, saving themselves and others a lot of time and frustration.

The bottom line: 

Observe the high achievers in your workplace or circle of acquaintances and notice how they display these characteristics. You'll almost always find that they do.

Do you recognize any of these qualities in yourself? If you don't, no worries. They're going to gradually become part of your nature when you begin developing the habits of a high achiever.

Remember, high achievers weren't born with these qualities. They're a result of consistent practice and the unique mindset that you will also develop over time. They're the core qualities that reflect your personal greatness.

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