Why Imposter Syndrome Is So Bad

 Why Imposter Syndrome Is So Bad

If you are determined to overcome imposter syndrome then you will need to use the right techniques and work on this consistently. There is no overnight miracle fix for imposter syndrome. When you know how bad imposter syndrome can be it will help to motivate you to take the necessary action to overcome it every day.

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It brings a Flood of Negative Thoughts

Those that suffer from imposter syndrome will usually experience a lot of negative thoughts each day. These thoughts will constantly remind them that they are a fraud and have no place being where they are. Our world is full of negativity and it is hard enough dealing with this. Imposter syndrome just makes the situation worse.

Imposter Syndrome can cause Procrastination

One of the worst aspects of imposter syndrome is that it usually causes a lot of self-doubt. You start to doubt your ability to perform even the simplest of tasks. Complex tasks can scare you to death. When you are scared of tackling something it is a lot more likely that you will put it off until later. This is the start of procrastination.

We all procrastinate from time to time. But if you start to do this regularly then this can be a symptom of imposter syndrome. A task may overwhelm you and when you procrastinate it will make you feel a little better. The pressure of not starting the task will be there in the background though so it is not a good thing.

You will have too much Uncertainty

Your levels of uncertainty can rise dramatically if you are experiencing imposter syndrome. It is natural to be uncertain sometimes, but if you have too much uncertainty then you will find it difficult to make even the simplest of decisions.

You can Miss Out on Opportunities

When you are usually feeling that you are not good enough due to imposter syndrome you are more likely to miss out on opportunities when they present themselves. These opportunities can be right under your nose and you will not spot them. 

You no longer know what you are capable of

A lot of people that experience imposter syndrome can end up being unable to assess what they are capable of doing. Before, they may have held the belief that they can do anything, but imposter syndrome has knocked this out of them. This is a very serious problem caused by imposter syndrome in our opinion.

Work Harder just to keep up

If you are always feeling like you are an imposter, you may start to believe that you need to work much harder than other people do just to keep up. The confidence that you had to do your job before has been eroded by imposter syndrome and now everything is going to take you a lot longer to complete. 

Your Relationships can be affected by Imposter Syndrome

It is not unusual for imposter syndrome to start affecting relationships that people have. You may start to believe that your partner can do a lot better than being with you. In addition to this, you may find it hard to form new relationships as imposter syndrome makes you feel that you have nothing to offer the other person.

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