10 Journal Prompts to Help Heal Yourself

Writing is an incredibly beneficial tool not only for getting in touch with yourself but also heal from past traumas. In fact, many counselors and therapists use the practice of journaling with their clients to help clients come to terms with certain events or situations. 

1. What makes me feel safe in my external world? What makes me feel safe internally?

Identifying what helps you feel safe, both internally and externally, can help you come up with tools to cope with negative situations in the future. They also work as helpful reminders of how you can keep yourself safe from intrusive thoughts during the healing process.

2. What does grounding mean to me? How can I effectively ground myself in the present?

Learning how to ground yourself works wonders in keeping you off the verge of a panic attack during the healing process.

3. In what ways does my body take care of me?

It’s important to acknowledge each of the ways your physical body takes care of you as a whole being. We are more than just our physical selves, so it helps to note how each part of ourselves works to take care of the whole.

4. Has there ever been a time where I’ve felt my basic needs weren’t being met? How did that situation make me feel?

This prompt has the potential to get down to the nitty-gritty of your healing journey. During this prompt, you will explore past events where you may not have felt safe or taken care of.

5. Visualize a space where you feel the safest. What can you see? Hear? Taste? Touch? Smell?

Getting in touch with your five senses is an integral part of practicing grounding techniques.

6. Write a love letter to past, present, or future self

Pick a version of yourself from the past, present, or future, and write a letter expressing your love for that person.

7. What can I do to recharge myself when I can feel my battery getting low?

This journal prompt requires you to think about the things you enjoy doing. This may be writing, exercising, or simply sitting outside in nature.

8. Where am I most and least confident in my daily life? In what ways can I try to be kinder to myself?

This part of the healing process will require you to explore the parts of your life where you may not be at your best. It will also challenge you to think of tools you can use to improve that part of yourself.

9. Describe your relationship with other living beings (plants, animals, etc.) How can you become more connected to these other beings?

Exploring how you’re connecting to other living beings can help put into perspective where you are in life and what your purpose is.

10. What steps can I take to live as my most authentic self from this day forward?

Finally, this journal prompt challenges you to think of actionable steps to take in order to live as your best and most authentic self from now on.
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