5 Things to Avoid on Your Journey to Healing

Your journey to healing is going to be full of ups and downs. Bumps and hiccups along the way are inevitable as progress is not linear. However, there are five things, in particular, that tend to be the most common mistakes people make when embarking on a healing journey.


Rather than leaving you to figure those out on your own, we’ve compiled those five mistakes and explained why they’re harmful to your healing journey.

1. Hyper Focusing on a Single Aspect of Health

While you might feel inspired to spend your time on one aspect of your health, it’s important to provide equal attention to your physical, mental, and spiritual healing journey. It might be more fun to try out new healthy recipes, but those recipes will only go so far if you don’t focus any attention on your struggles with mental healing.

2. Surrounding Yourself With Negative Influences

If you’re embarking on a journey of healing, it wouldn’t really make sense to bring people along with you who don’t bring positivity into your circle. This isn’t to say you need to cut these people out of your life completely, especially if they’re close family members, but you should be prepared to set firm boundaries with them as you start the healing process.

3. Overwhelming Yourself With Information

If you’re someone who likes to prepare for any type of process, it can be easy to accidentally consume too much information. If your mind is flooded with all kinds of tips and tricks from various sources, it’s easy for overwhelm to take over.

Instead, try to find a few sources you trust and relate to and stick to them as you go through the healing process.

4. Expecting Every Day to be Perfect

As much as we all want our healing journey to be easy, that’s rarely the case. When you have a bad day and trust that there will be bad days, it’s important that you don’t get too down on yourself. As we mentioned above, progress is not linear. You’re going to have fallbacks almost just as often as you have breakthroughs.

5. Ignoring Your Gut

Your gut health says a lot more about your mental wellbeing than you think it does. The body-mind connection is strong and when you experience added stress, it can cause physical health issues that you shouldn’t ignore. Usually, when you start to feel physical health systems on your healing journey, it’s time to take a step back for a little bit and let your physical body have some time to rest.

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