Health Involves More Than Your Body

When we think and speak about improving our health, it typically means we’re trying to lose a few pounds or eat less junk. However, your health is more than just physicality. While looking after your physical health is certainly important, your mental and spiritual health deserves just as much attention.

After all, you can only go so far if your headspace isn’t clear enough to maintain focus on your physical goals. Instead, each of these three aspects of health should go hand in hand in order to reach optimal health for your body and mind.

Healing Your Mind

Healing your mind can be quite the feat, especially if you’ve never really taken the time to give your psyche the TLC it deserves. The best way to heal your mind is to learn how to listen to yourself and understand what your mind and body need. To do this, it’s helpful to participate in some sort of hobby or another activity you enjoy.

You may also consider keeping a journal and following specific prompts for various chakras or keeping a simple journal for gratitude. Doing some relaxing activities like taking a hot bath or getting a massage can also help you slow down racing thoughts and be more present at the moment.

Healing Your Spirituality

Healing your spirituality is a bit more complicated than your mind. After all, spirituality is referring to a belief system you follow that is higher than yourself. While you don’t necessarily need to subscribe to any one God, it’s healthy to have some kind of belief system to follow. If not for fellowship then for having a set list of values to follow through life.

Integrating All Parts of Your Being

Each of these three aspects of overall health is important on its own, but their especially important when integrated together. Each aspect of health can and will feed off another. For example, your spiritual health may be severely lacking and that can cause a rut in your mental health. Now, when your mental health is also suffering, you’re less likely to make healthy choices in terms of food and exercise.

However, when your physical, mental, and spiritual health is all in sync, you’re going to feel better all around. It’s important to make sure you pour into all three cups evenly, and you should be able to recognize when one is too full and can be poured into another that needs a little extra help.

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