One common issue some people have with satisfaction is the idea that they need more, and the need for more is something ingrained in us as young children and it continues into adulthood. We focus on wanting and needing, and we are only satisfied when those needs are met. Yet for some this creates a bit of a paradox. If we want more and are wired to want more, than how can we ever be satisfied if we can never have enough?

Well, some of the most satisfied people are actually those that have learned to make do with less in their lives. The idea of less is more has been around for quite a while under many different names and forms, and whether you call it decluttering, mindfulness, or minimalism, you know what it is about. Having less or having just enough to get by means that you appreciate what you have more, instead of having a lot of things you never use or take for granted.

This idea can be a lifestyle, or can be a part of just one facet of your life. For example, some people strive to find satisfaction in food or in clothing, where they only eat or buy enough to get by. This gives them less choice in how much they eat or the number of outfits they can throw together on a given day, but it allows them to save money, improve their health, and truly value what they do have.

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How Less Is More Can Lead To Satisfaction

Think about something you like, and the amount of choice you have regarding it. For example, let’s take entertainment. There’s dozens of streaming services out in the world, with most of them charging some sort of monthly subscription fee. Then focus on all the exclusive shows that each platform has to offer that aren’t available anywhere else. Even without exclusives, what about all the classic TV shows everyone says you should watch? Plus all the new content that is coming out on a weekly basis?

There’s just too much television to ever watch it all, and even if you had enough money to pay for every single streaming service and cable package deal out there, you wouldn’t have enough time to watch everything. So what do you do? You narrow the field by weeding out shows that don’t interest you, then you figure out which streaming services are worth spending money on, then you look at how many hours you are devoting to each show.

Eventually, you have a much more manageable pile of television shows that are not only watchable within an understandable time frame, but are also shows that you will enjoy watching. That’s an example of how less is more can lead to satisfaction, because instead of wasting time and money on shows you don’t like or care for, you can spend your time on those you do… and get more fun out of it!

This Applies To Everything

There’s a real abundance of everything right now, even if you aren’t looking for it, but we are constrained by time. In order to live a contented life and have satisfaction in all of what we do, we need to focus on getting less, and we will enjoy it more without getting overwhelmed. Look at all the areas where you don’t feel content, and then try to see if more or less of that is needed in your life.

Are you not satisfied at work? Perhaps you are stressed out because you are working too hard and need to dial everything back, or maybe you need to work harder and get ahead of some bigger projects to free up space and time.

Not satisfied with your family? Spend more time with them to increase your bond, or if you find yourself getting irritated by them, don’t be afraid to step away and get some time for yourself.

If you haven’t already guessed, one of the biggest benefits to having a more satisfying life (and one of the tools you can use) is balance in the things we do. While we as humans hate reduction and don’t want to miss out on opportunities and the next big thing, one of the things we should do is know when a little less can give us a lot more satisfaction.

You can make ‘less is more’ a lifestyle and follow it like the minimalists do, or you can simply pick one area of your life and try to make some reductions. However you choose to go about it, the idea that less is more will certainly help you become more satisfied and content with your life, and might lead to other positive changes as well.

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