Make New Habits Fun With These 4 Tips

Apparently, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You can, however, make new habits fun! In this guide you will find 4 tips to make new habits fun, so you’ll never want to miss a beat.

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Tip 1: Start Small

Starting small is one of the biggest ways to make new habits fun and an enjoyable experience! You want to start small to give yourself more manageable tasks so that you can build up to the big stuff.

Small habits could be to switch out a glass of water for every other soda that you drink if your goal is to drink less soda. You want to break up your goals into smaller pieces and add in small habits to replace habits you want to get rid of.

Tip 2: Start With Things You Enjoy!

Begin with the habits that you are putting in to enjoy your life! This could be adding in a new exercise routine if you like to work out, or it could be writing a novel instead of spending as much time on TikTok.

Whatever your goals are, be sure to add in some habits that are things you enjoy. That is an important aspect of self-care as well as a way to make building new habits a fun experience!

Tip 3: Invite Friends to Do It With You

Making habits fun can be done by making habits social! You can invite your friends to change their habits too or you can invite your friends to do certain activities with you. This can make your new habits more fun and can also be a motivating factor.

If your friends are interested in changing their habits too, look for new habits they can start that are fun. Maybe you can incorporate some of them into your routine so that you can do them together. You might even get a new habit that way.

Tip 4: Reward Yourself

You’re doing a great job, even just getting started! Don’t forget to reward yourself for the hard work that you’re putting in. Just because you haven’t completely reached your goal yet doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard. 

Rewards can take all sorts of forms. Maybe you have a little extra dessert on a weeknight or maybe you read one of your favorite books. Perhaps you spend a little extra time golfing on the weekend or maybe you take a half-day on a Friday. Whatever a reward is to you, go for it!

Final Thoughts

Creating new habits can be a difficult experience. Don’t let that discourage you! There are always ways to learn new habits. You can substitute these new habits for bad habits or just things that you want to change.

The more you become aware of your habits the more you can substitute these old, bad, or boring habits in for new, good, and fun habits. These new habits can bring many benefits with them.

Make the most out of your habits. Habits are the foundation of life and can be extremely important in shaping who we are and what we do. Try to use your habits to your advantage!

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