Top 4 Habits to Create a Closer Connection to Your Spouse

Even if you have been married for many years, there are habits you can develop to make you feel closer. Maybe you need something fresh in the relationship or want to spend more time feeling your spouse feel loved. Follow these habits if they can make your relationship even more fulfilling. 


1. Send Loving Texts

This might seem like a small habit, but it can do wonders in making your spouse feel loved and cared for. Send a simple text such as “I hope you have an amazing day today,” or “I hope you’re having fun at X event,” while your spouse is out. When your spouse receives this text, they’ll feel like you care even when they are away. They’ll also appreciate you taking time to remember details of their day like where they are going or what event they are at. With this being such a simple habit, it’s also super easy to incorporate it into your everyday routine. 

2. Have a Weekly Date

It can be super easy to fall into a mundane routine where nothing is new, and things get boring. To counteract this, schedule out a block of time in both of your schedules to have a date. Have you both been wanting to go to this new restaurant? Go on a date there after work. Scheduling out this time gives you a solid block of time to be close to each other and try something new. Dates don’t have to stop after marriage.

3. Add More Physical Affection

Not all couples want to be super touchy, and that’s okay. However, for couples that want to add more physical affection, it is good to do so. Hug each other when you come home from work or hold hands when walking out the door. This both makes you physically closer but also emotionally.

4. Communication, Communication, Communication

No matter how far you get into the relationship, communication is still a huge priority to make things work. Communicate the small things, such as how work was today, and the big things like how you are feeling in an argument. Making sure that you communicate how you are feeling through your interactions allows both of you to be heard and allows you the chance to work together on any challenges. Seriously, communication is the best way to stay connected to your spouse.

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