Why Our Bodies Rely on Routine

We are constantly being told about the powers of having a routine, and how it can help with both our productivity and our mental health. But why is that? Why do we rely on patterns and routines to get through the day?

Our Bodies Already Function on Routine

At the core of our beings, we already follow a routine. Each of us has a circadian rhythm, which is our body’s internal clock that creates a routine of when we need to sleep, eat, and even when our bodies should repair themselves. The circadian rhythm is essential to make sure that our bodies are working the best that they can.

Routine Helps Our Memory

Many people find it so much easier to remember certain tasks when they are a part of a routine. People don’t forget to go to work or school when it happens at the same time in the day. If we have habits that we do at certain times, there is less of a chance that we forget to do them. Routine helps us remember what we need to do and when we need to do those tasks.

It Helps to Have a “Mealtime”

Many people eat their meals near the same time every day. Our bodies then get used to this designated mealtime and we are less likely to go hungry as result. We know at what times we need to eat and disrupting it can make us hungry and irritable. It also helps our bodies to perform certain tasks at certain times so no shock happens to our functions.

Routine Relieves Stress

Have you ever been knocked from your routine for whatever routine and have felt a lot of stress as a result? That is a common occurrence for people who have their daily routines disrupted. Routines make doing tasks easy and when we don’t have a routine, each task that we need to do takes up more effort. That’s why it can be harder to get through the day when you have plans that change at the last minute. With a routine, people can go through the motions and everything feels as it should be.

People Like Control

It’s common for people to want control in their lives, and what easier way to do so than to have a routine? People feel better when they can control what they do every day.

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