10 Tools All Leaders Need



A good leader has a good selection of tools that helps them be the best leader that they can be. There are 10 tools that all leaders should have so that they can be the best leader possible.

1. Good Listening Skills

All leaders should be good listeners. They have to be able to hear out their employees and listen to what their needs are. That way, a good leader can solve problems that employees come to them with so that the employees can feel heard.

2. Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict is going to happen at some point. Whether that’s between employees or between you and an employee, there will come a time when you need to solve a problem that people are having. A good leader knows how to resolve conflict.

3. Communication Tools

Your employees should be able to always reach out to you so they can get help and ask questions. You can have communication face to face or set up programs that allow your employees to message you from their desks.

4. Project Management Tools

Many online tools allow you to manage the tasks and projects that your employees are doing. This helps you keep track of who is doing what task and how long each task is taking.

5. Meeting Notes System

Always take notes during a meeting. Whether you hand write them or write them in google docs, take your notes.

6. Mentorship and Training

Let your employees be constant learners by giving them training and mentorship opportunities. That way they are always improving their skills.  

 7. An Open Mind

As a leader, you should always have an open mind. Keep your mind open to new ideas that can end up benefiting your team and the company.

8. Delegation Skills

You should be able to give each task to an employee that will best be able to handle it. Knowing how to properly divide up tasks leads to better productivity and higher quality products.

9. Confidence!

A confident leader has employees who trust them and their decision-making skills. Employees feel better when they have a good and confident leader.

10. Organization Skills

Keep your meetings, projects, and tasks well organized by using online organization skills. This is more than just project management; it’s also keeping your notes and data organized so nothing gets lost or messy in the office.

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