Listening: The Secret to Becoming a Great Leader


Great Leader

Having good listening skills is highly important no matter who you are and who you are communicating with. You have to be able to listen to someone to understand how they feel and what their needs are. This is not different in the workplace. 

Listening Allows You to Learn Where You Need to Improve

Listening opens the conversation between you and your employees. When your employees know that you are listening to them and what their needs are, they will go to you with what you need to do to be better.

Your employees will feel comfortable asking for changes so that they can have a better workspace. Then, when you listen to these requests, you end up becoming a better leader for your team.

Listening Creates a Better Work Environment

When you have good listening skills, you can effectively listen to what your employees need. This then builds trust and lets you do the tasks that can make the work environment better for everyone.

When your employees have a good relationship with you, they are more likely to have a good relationship with each other. If there is a problem, they know that they can go to you for help and get the problem resolved.

Listening Makes You More Self Aware

When you practice effective listening, you also start to learn things about yourself. You might learn that you had a tendency to interrupt your employees or that you would shove aside their feelings.

Through listening, you can learn about the things that you would do that didn’t make you a good leader. Then, you can work to fix those traits and you will become a much better leader that is able to understand what your employees need from you and what they are feeling.

Once you’ve opened that door, you can’t close it easily. You become more self-aware in other aspects of your life which allows you to improve yourself in every aspect.

You Will Learn Things from Your Employees

This isn’t just about learning what your employees need or how they can make you a better leader, you can learn many more things from your employees when you listen to them. When you listen, you open a conversation where you can learn better skills and open your mindset just from talking to your employees.

When you listen, you learn.

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