SMART Goals and How to Use Them in the Workplace

SMART, in SMART goals, stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. This system of making goals has allowed those in the workplace to achieve higher rates of productivity because they are having a better time reaching their goals. 


What Do You Use SMART Goals For?

SMART Goals can be used for any goal that you want to set for your workplace. This is the structure of goal setting that you should be using for all of your work-related goals so that you will be able to accomplish every one of them.

How to Use SMART Goals

S- Specific

What is it that you want to achieve? Make sure that your goal is super specific, so you and your team know exactly what it is that you want to achieve.

M- Measurable

Can your goal and your completion of the goal be measured? For example, you want to reach X number of sales or you want to reach X amount of followers on the company’s Instagram page.

Making your goal measurable allows you a way to measure your progress and know when you have achieved the goal. Just saying “earn more followers,” isn’t measurable because it doesn’t have a solid endpoint.

A- Achievable

Is it possible to achieve your goal? Wanting to earn 5k more followers in a week is measurable and specific, but it also isn’t very achievable (unless you are a big-name company.)

Having an achievable goal deters procrastination and won’t allow your goal to feel so daunting that it never gets achieved.

R- Relevant

Is your goal relevant to the wants and needs of the company? A goal of earning 100 more followers in a week is great, except if your company isn’t on social media.

Have your goal be relevant to what you want for the company and what you want for your specific work.

T- Time-Bound

Does your goal have a solid start and end point? Are there any markers or checkpoints along the way that shows that you are in the right direction? A time-bound goal can be broken into steps, each with its deadline.

A deadline for a goal is great for making sure that you have the motivation to get that goal accomplished.

Use SMART goals to propel your company in the right direction. Whether it’s increasing sales, engagement, or any other form of growth, SMART goals are the tool that allows you to get it done.

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