5 Health Habits You Need to Adopt for Life

Everyone wants to be fit, healthy and look young and vibrant well into their old age. That's why the health and fitness industry rakes in trillions each year. It seems like every day, there's a new diet, a new exercise program or a magic supplement that will keep you healthy, slim and young-looking.


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 The real secret to great health is a set starts with your habits. These are good health habits that you practice every day of your life. Here are 5 simple but powerful habits that really will make you healthier and keep you in peak health for the rest of your life.

 1. Sleeping well

After a long, hectic day, our bodies resemble a shipwreck. Stress causes severe imbalances in our hormonal and immune systems. Toxins flood our system and rage through our bloodstream. our muscles are tired and our brains feel like they're about to explode.

This is where the power of sleep comes in. Sleep triggers a massive 'housekeeping' process that regenerates, balances and revitalizes and heals the whole body.

While you're lost in sweet dreams, your body's working overtime to keep you in peak health.

In a nutshell, sleep needs to be a top priority in your health routine. This includes fixed bedtime hours, reasonable bedtime hours and a relaxing and healthy sleep environment. Putting these things into place ensures that you get the most out of the amazing health-boosting process called sleep.

2. Walk

Whether you love working out at the gym or prefer a more moderate form of exercise, walking needs to be part of your exercise regimen. Walking is an excellent exercise that tones muscles and burns fat, while giving you the added benefit of fresh air and sunshine.

In fact, if you simply hate, exercising, brisk 20-minute walks three times a week will give you the same benefits as a good workout. Schedule short walks during breaks as well and go for long nature walks on weekends.

Among its many benefits, walking is a great stress-buster and mood stabilizer. It clears brain fog and mental exhaustion and improves immunity and cardiovascular health. So, start developing this great habit today by scheduling your next walk! 

3. Drink water

We know we're supposed to drink plenty of water but how many of us actually do that? Well, if you consider that water is the closest thing we know to the elixir of life, you'll start taking it more seriously!

Water is the best liquid you can put into your body. It lowers blood pressure, flushes out toxins and keeps all of your body functions strong and balanced. It also dulls hunger, so if you're trying to lose a few pounds, water could be your best friend.

Use phone alerts to remind yourself to drink a glass of water every hour until this becomes a natural habit. Starting your day with two glasses of water will keep your energy levels much higher throughout the day and supercharge your metabolism.

4. Eat leafy greens

Hopefully, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are something you consume regularly. But leafy greens pack a real nutritional punch and need to be an essential part of your daily diet.

Leafy greens are good for digestive health, packed with essential vitamins and minerals and give you glowing skin. What's more, these powerful health boosters are very low in calories so you can eat loads of them.

Leafy greens can be eaten in salads, smoothies and even soups. They're so versatile that you can eat them in different ways each day without ever getting bored.  

4. Use natural sweeteners

Eating sugar is like swallowing hemlock. It's one of the most toxic things you can put into your body. Sugar causes a spike in blood sugar levels followed by a crash that wreaks havoc on the body's ability to regulate vital functions. Over time, this yo-yo effect can leave you open to many diseases and health issues.

Make it a habit to use natural alternatives to sugar whenever you can. Honey, molasses and fruit juice are great options for sweetening many dishes. Start satisfying sugar cravings with fresh sweet fruit like grapes, bananas and mangoes. These are all delicious and much healthier options.

While it's probably unrealistic to eliminate sugar from your diet altogether, you can wean yourself off of it to a big degree and vastly improve your overall health.


It's not hard to see how combining these 5 habits will transform your health from the inside out. Once you start practicing them regularly, you'll quickly see and feel the improvement in your energy levels, weight, skin and overall wellbeing.

What's more, adopting these habits will allow you to maintain peak health for the rest of your life – while also adding years to it. That's the power of good habits!

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