5 Simple Habits That Can Help You Defy Aging

Every person on the planet wants to be healthy. We all try our best to maintain consistent habits that will keep us fit and enable our bodies to function at their peak. But we also want to live long, active, healthy lives well into our 80s and beyond.

Are we being too greedy? Not at all! It's possible to defy age and remain mentally sharp and physically fit well into our golden years. 

In fact, these 5 habits are so powerful that they can dramatically y delay the aging process while boosting mental and physical health beyond what you imagined.

1. Switch to whole-grain and organic

Nothing can be easier than replacing your current refined grain intake with whole grain. Whole-grain foods are packed with health-boosting fiber that fosters gastrointestinal health and boosts your metabolism. This helps you maintain a balanced weight and avoid the risk of obesity. They also contain a much higher nutritional content than refined grains.

The second step is to eat organic. Organic foods may cost a bit more but are totally worth the investment. Eating organic helps you delay age by minimizing the number of toxins you ingest from pesticides and other additives. organic meats and produce contain double the nutritional content of non-organic foods as well.

Switching to whole-grain and organic foods will really pack a punch when it comes to your health. You'll feel it in your increased energy and stamina, and notice it in your glowing skin and strong shiny hair.

2. Use sunscreen

Too much sun can take a huge toll on our skin and cause premature aging and wrinkling. While it's important to get exposure to sunlight as a natural source of vitamin D, this can be a double-edged sword. That is, if you forget the sunscreen when you go to the beach!

Always use sunscreen to keep your skin supple and young-looking and you're home-free!

On a more serious note, sunscreen can also protect you from skin cancer and severe sunburn, which can be very painful and leave your skin peeling and leathery.

3. Maintain good posture

Research has found that as we age, we can get shorter! Some people tend to lose a few centimeters or even inches off of their height due to bone shrinkage and years of bad posture.

Bad posture is also a recipe for chronic neck and back problems, circulation problems as well as joint inflammations that can make your life miserable over time.

Nothing is easier than getting into the habit of maintaining good posture. Simply practice walking straight, sitting straight and ensuring that you're always seated properly and comfortably at your desk.

Your seat should be at the proper height so that you don't have to crane forward or downwards to use your computer. And don’t slouch when you're sitting in front of the TV!

Practice makes perfect. Stay alert to your posture, practice walking and sitting correctly and in about 2 weeks, you'll find yourself doing it automatically. Congratulations! You've just added years to your life!

4. Less meat, more fish

Moderate your red meat intake (ideally, you should curb what you're currently eating by half) and start slowing down the clock by eating fish instead.

Fish contains loads of Omega-3 fatty acids, an age-defying compound that contains amazing health benefits. It boosts brain health and improves cognitive functions like memory and concentration. It promotes cardiovascular health, protecting you against heart disease and high blood pressure. It also helps maintains strong bones and is excellent for skin and hair health.

Make sure you're eating plenty of fish in your diet to enjoy all of these health benefits and stay looking years younger.

5. Sleep like a baby

If you're sleeping less than 7 hours a night, you could be shaving years off of your life span. Prolonged sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of premature aging and countless health issues.

Sleep is the ultimate rejuvenating process where your body heals, produces new cells, flushes out toxins and generally balances and renews all of the body processes.

So, put a powerful sleep routine into place with fixed bedtime hours and a relaxing bedroom environment that will help you sleep like a baby every night.


Staying in peak health while defying age isn't as difficult as you thought, is it? All it takes is a few minor changes to your current lifestyle that with regular practice, will become lifelong habits.

You owe it to yourself to be your healthiest and fittest. You can do that with these 5 amazing habits that will allow you to defy the aging process while you're at it!

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