5 Practices to Make You Anti-Fragile in The Workplace

Not all of us are lucky enough to work in ideal workplaces. While we enjoy our jobs and do them well, sometimes, the friction and stress of our surroundings can take their toll on our productivity and mental well-being.
You can overcome the negative impacts of your workplace by becoming more anti-fragile. The following 5 practices will arm you with the mental strength and resilience to navigate through your workday with much more ease and efficiency. 

1. Compete for the right way

Not all competition is healthy and constructive but sadly, some people see the workplace as a battlefield. They feel that they need to be in constant competition to prove themselves better and more competent. Not only does this lead to a lot of friction, but it can mean stepping on others to get ahead, which creates a very negative environment.

Choose your battles wisely and never compete for the mere sake of winning senseless gains. Learn to make your mantra collaboration and cooperation rather than competition. You'll be surprised at the difference it makes to your own productivity and that of others.

Better yet, you can overcome the need to validate yourself by competing with others by competing against yourself! Look for ways to continuously up your skills and do things better and more efficiently to stay at the top of your game.

2. Keep your ego in check

An inflated ego gives you a sense of false confidence but it's actually a sign of low self-confidence and fragility. It's also extremely stressful as well as it keeps you in a constant struggle to 'always be right.'

Stay alert to your ego and keep it under control by learning to be assertive with calm modesty and confidence. Be open to criticism and feedback from others and never try to impose your point of view with arrogance.

An inflated ego can make you very unpopular in the workplace and as a result, very fragile and negative because it's a very painful and lonely place to be.

3. Avoid petty conflict

Most workplace conflicts are senseless and can be avoided in one simple way – just walk away from them! Whatever the issue, simply avoid confrontations with coworkers. They can easily escalate into bitter feelings that can seriously impact your productivity and mental well-being.

If the conflict can't be avoided, it's better to walk away first, reflect on the issue and resolve it later in a calm one-on-one with the person or persons involved.

4. Draw the line

Let others know where you draw the line when it comes to your workplace values. For example, if you take a firm stance against gossip, make this clear by never engaging in it.

Stay true to your values at all times and display them clearly. Your self-respect and confidence will skyrocket as well as your mental resilience. The respect you gain for being a person of integrity will also make you much less fragile.

5. Don't compare yourself to others

Learn to focus on your strong skills and talents rather than dwelling on your weaknesses and comparing them to others' strengths. This is a big self-confidence sapper that drags you into an endless cycle of inferiority and negativity.

Just know that nobody's perfect and accept yourself as you are. Reflect on all of the achievements you've made so far and be proud of your greatness, and for being who you are.


Being anti-fragile in the workplace means becoming impervious to negative factors that sap your self-confidence and your ability to function at your best.

As these 5 practices begin to take effect, you'll experience a powerful mind shift. You'll become more motivated, focused, efficient and infinitely less stressed. In a nutshell, being mentally tough when it comes to your workplace is the key to finding fulfillment in your chosen profession and achieving brilliant success.

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