5 Tips for Accepting Your Body Image

Even the most seemingly perfect people are self-conscious about their body image. Each and every one of us has some perceived flaw or flaws that erode our self-confidence and make us feel unattractive or even downright ugly.  

When we obsess about our physical appearance and magnify our perceived flaws, we can lose sight of who we really are. This is because body image is an integral part of our self-identity. If you struggle with a negative body image, use these 5 tips to help you accept your physical image and in turn, totally accept who you are.  

1. Highlight the good

Just as you have physical traits you're unhappy with, you also have many great physical strengths to be proud of.
Highlighting these will give you a surge of self-confidence.
Identify the features that you can highlight to bring out the best in your physical appearance. For example, if you have nice eyes, highlight them with makeup or wear colors that
show them off to their best advantage.

2. Underplay the bad

There are many ways you can conceal or underplay what you perceive as your unattractive features. For example, clothing that makes you appear taller or slimmer, higher heels or a few clever makeup tricks to flesh out thin lips or make your face appear slimmer.
You'll be pleasantly surprised to see how underplaying your unattractive features in this way can actually transform them into attractive ones that you're proud of.

3. Reinvent yourself

Make it a point to regularly reinvent yourself to keep pace with your changing life and personal growth. This means experimenting with new looks and styles to discover n ways to foster your self-acceptance.
You can experiment with small steps or go all out and get a complete makeover and wardrobe change.
The point is to continue reinventing yourself on a regular basis. Consider it an important part of your lifelong learning.

4. Improve your body language

Our sedentary lifestyles have had a negative impact on our posture and in trine, on various aspects of our body language. Poor self-esteem can also lead to poor body language that makes you feel even more self-conscious about your appearance – it also sends that message to others very clearly.
Improve your body language by practicing along with video tutorials in front of a mirror.
Improving your body langue skyrockets your poise and self-assurance, and helps you build a strong and positive body image that sends the message that you're totally comfortable with who you are.

5. Don't compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others physically and wishing you had their good loos or slim figures is a surefire way to make you feel inferior and lacking. It's also a fruitless pursuit because you can’t clone yourself to become the object of comparison.
Instead, focus on yourself and your own wonderful features that perhaps others may envy. Foster your self-acceptance by highlighting the good and underplaying the bad and totally accept that both together make you who you truly are.


Struggling with a poor body image can hold you back from being yourself and behaving with poise and confidence. In some people, poor body image can become an obsession that causes them to feel isolated and inferior.
Practice these 5 tips to enhance your positive body image and foster your self-acceptance. Know that what you look like is an integral part of who you are. The more you learn to embrace that, the more confident, happier and fulfilled you will become.

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