5 Ways to Uncover Who You Really Are

If you think you know who you really are, think again. There may be a lot that you don’t know that could be limiting you in your life journey. You may think you know who you are because your life has settled into a familiar and comfortable routines that serves you well.

But there's a world of difference between familiarity and comfort the tremendous joy and fulfillment of living according to your whole true self.
Take the time to uncover that true self by practicing these 5 fun and easy steps. It's guaranteed that you'll gain a few surprising insights.  

1. Try new things

Life is a process of discovery and learning. If you're satisfied with just staying within your comfort zone, you could actually lose yourself along the way because you’re not keeping pace with the changes around you.
Make it a point to regularly go out and try something new, be it learning a skill, experimenting with new hobbies or hanging out with different people. The more different these things are to your normal interests and activities, the bigger your chances of discovery will be.  

2. Recognize what you stand for

Reflect on your values and beliefs. These are the core principles that you stand for and that are a key part of who you are. Take the time to list these core values.
Next, make the intention to practice and display what you stand for every day and to never compromise them for anything or anyone. Adhering to your integrity in this way means that you know who you truly are.

3. Challenge yourself

Never let the words 'mundane' and 'routine' be part of your vocabulary. Challenge yourself to think out of the box and find new ways of doing things. Never be satisfied with just making it through your day. Challenge yourself to do it with more excitement and enjoyment.
Keeping yourself stimulated and challenged is a great method for self-discovery and growth that expands your perspective and helps you continuously discover new talents and skills.

4. Experiment with new looks

Trying new styles and looks can help you discover new things about yourself but also keep pace with your changing personality.
It's up to you whether you want to experiment in small steps such as getting a new hairstyle or whether to go all out and get a totally new wardrobe and makeover. What matters is that you regularly make the effort to reinvent yourself to see what works and what doesn’t.'  

5. Reassess your shortcomings

Your perceived shortcomings and flaws, physical and nonphysical can actually be used in your favor. Assess them honestly and ask yourself, do you really have to live with them?
By working to improve your shortcomings and flaws, you can actually turn them into strengths or underplay them, and in the process, change your perception of what you can do when you put your mind to it. This is a great way to foster your self-confidence and skyrocket your belief on your abilities.


Uncovering who you really are is a life-changing experience. It allows you to discover your real potential and with it, amazing possibilities that you'd never been aware of.
Finding your true self is as easy as practicing these 5 steps. Prepare to be surprised – and even stunned at what you've been missing and how uncovering your greatness will transform your life.

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