6 Daily Practices to Affirm Who You Are

 The pressures of daily life can sometimes cause us to lose our sense of self. We're bombarded with stressful experiences, conflicting ideas and opinions and confusing situations that test our values and beliefs. Amidst it all, we start wondering who we really are.

Losing sight of your true self means losing the purpose and meaning of your life. But you can stay grounded and firm in your identity by engaging in these 6 daily practices:

1. Practice three strengths

If you're a great people person, practice this skill as often as you can throughout the day. If you have a particularly strong digital skill, make it part of your day as well. In short, incorporate 3 of your strongest skills into your day to boost your self-belief and keep you grounded in yourself.

2. Smile

It may seem silly but putting a genuine smile on your face makes you feel great about yourself and more positive. Others will be quick to reciprocate your warm smile as well, sending the message that they appreciate your positivity and friendliness.

3. Be sincere

Staying true to yourself is key to your emotional well-being and self-acceptance. Always be sincere and genuine in all that you say and do. Never compromise your beliefs and values for the sake of pleasing others or gaining acceptance.
Always remember that sincerity grounds you in your true self whereas insincerity makes you fall that you've sold yourself out.

4. Count 3 blessings

Gratitude reminds you of all the wonderful things you take for granted. It helps you appreciate the abundance in your life and make you happy to be who you are.
Remember to pause during the day and count three blessings in your life to boost your sense of self but also fill you with a rush of uplifting and positive emotions.

5. Do something you love

Your hobbies and passions are an integral part of who you are. This is why you should make time every day to do something you love and enjoy. Never make the excuse that you're too busy!
It's not hard to find even a few mites to do something you love. Not only will this inject a sense of enjoyment into your day but will immerse and ground you in your sense
of self.

6. Accept yourself

Dwelling on your shortcomings and flaws makes you unhappy with yourself and leads to useless comparisons with others. Know that every single person has their flaws and shortcomings, and yours make you who you are.
Learn to accept yourself just as you are and surround yourself with a circle of people who also accept and love you for who you are. When you develop self-acceptance, you'll never want to be anyone else!


The key to knowing who you really are is twofold. It involves celebrating your uniqueness and fostering the qualities and skills that keep you confident and proud. It also means accepting that you’re not perfect and that you'll never be because nobody is!
It’s knowing that after all is said and done, you are one of a kind.
Keep your sense of self strong and steadfast by practicing these 6 actions every day. They'll help you stay in tune with yourself and be aware of your uniqueness and greatness in all that you do.

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