6 Habits That Sabotage Your Self-identity


There are a number of habits you may have unknowingly picked up that are undermining your sense of who you are. They eat away at your self-confidence and leave you feeling aimless and lost. You start to wonder what the purpose of your life is and why it feels meaningless. You have lost your sense of self-identity. Here are 6 of these dangerous habits to beware of:


1.    Peer pressure

Peer pressure doesn’t end with school as many people think. It continues well into adulthood and can affect us in the workplace and within our social circles.

Caving into peer pressure is motivated by the desire to be accepted. We often go along with ideas and behaviors that contradict our nature and even our values. While this can be stressful and makes us feel guilty, sometimes the pressure is too strong. The result is that we begin to lose our identity.

2.  Social media

Social media propagates an exaggerated aura of glamor and excitement that makes us feel that our lives are trivial and mundane. It's another form of peer pressure that can cause you to post fake information to make your life appear more exciting and you more interesting.

It's not surprising that over time, you lose sight of who you really are and what your real purpose in life is. 

 3.  Comparing yourself to others

This is a big self-confidence sapper that breeds feelings of inferiority and mediocrity. We often compare ourselves to others, wishing we could be as outgoing, good-looking, rich or successful as they are.

Habit cab breed feelings of envy and resentment towards others as well as self-loathing. It's infinitely better to focus on your own unique strengths and talents and foster self-acceptance ad pride in your abilities.


4.  Compromising your core values

The fear of ridicule and rejection and the desire to be accepted can cause us to compromise our values and beliefs, an integral part of who we are. Over time, we start to wonder who we really are and what we really believe. To this is added the inner turmoil of feeling that we've sold ourselves out. In a nutshell, adhering to your personal morals and values immensely strengthens your self-identity and in fact, earns you respect.


5.  Striving for approval

When you strive too hard for approval and praise, you can lose a lot in terms of affirming your true self. Over time, as you begin to feel aimless and lost, you realize that it's not worth it. Learn to accept that you are who you are and that those who accept you as you are the people who really matter. Besides, you'll never be able to please everyone all of the time so just learn to please yourself!


 6.  Focusing on your shortcomings

Focusing on your flaws and shortcomings is the fastest way to kill your self-worth. Your heightened self-doubts cause you to view yourself and your life as mediocre and meaningless.

On the other hand, focusing on your strengths or trying to improve your weaknesses is the proactive mindset of someone who knows who they really are.


Knowing who you are, accepting who you are and staying true to yourself are the keys to enjoying a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

These 6 habits could be all that's standing between you and your happiness.

These 6 habits can be broken and replaced with positive ones that boost your self-assurance and self-pride. All you have to do is consistently practice their opposite. It won't be long before your perspective begins to shift.

So, reflect again on which of these habits are holding you back and take action today! 


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