6 Traits of Someone Who Knows Who They Are


 A person who knows who they really are is a person who shines. Not only are they successful, passionate and motivated, but also radiate many appealing qualities that gain their respect and admiration.

Do you know who you really are? People with a strong sense of identity display a number of traits across the board. Here are 6 of these wonderful traits to measure yourself against.


 1.    They never seek approval

Knowing who you are means that you have complete confidence in your capabilities. You're proud of your unique skills and talents and accept your shortcoming. You don’t need to go against your nature for the sake of gaining approval or acceptance and learn to please yourself first.

Along with this comes another important trait. You stop comparing yourself to others and copying their behavior or caving in to peer pressure for the sake of gaining acceptance.


2.  They have a strong set of core values

People who know who they understand exactly what their values are, what they believe in and the principles that guide their lives. They're never shy or embarrassed about displaying those values and letting others know where they stand.

More importantly, they never compromise on their core values and end up selling themselves out and losing themselves in the process.


3.  They're genuine

Always being sincere and genuine is another appealing trait of someone who knows who they are. This stems from a strong sense of self-acceptance and self-belief.

Knowing and accepting who you allows you to be yourself are all times because you're proud of who you are and have no need to fake it.


4.  They're highly self-confident

This is a no-brainer. Nothing breeds self-assurance more than a strong understanding of who you are and where you're going in your life. Your strong sense of identity keeps you motivated and passionate because you have no doubts about what matters to you and what brings your life meaning.


5.  They're modest

People who know themselves well are typically modest and grounded. While they have a strong sense of self-pride and self-acceptance, they also understand that they're far from perfect. They also have a wiser perspective on life and recognize our relative insignificance in the bigger scheme of things.

his appealing trait makes them more tolerant, accepting and infinitely more resilient, not to mention respected and admired by others.


6.  They're tolerant and kind

Being comfortable in your own skin and accepting yourself makes you more tolerant and accepting o others. People who have discovered their true selves are typically kind, compassionate forgiving and empathetic.

In addition to making the well-liked and popular, these traits foster amazing positivity that further fosters a strong sense of self.  


How did you measure up? Are you displaying these 6 qualities that affirm that you know who you truly are? If so, keep [ up the good work! Continue to enhance your sense of self by fostering these 6 qualities. Embrace lifelong learning to ensure that you're constantly rediscovering yourself as you grow and move forward on your life journey.

If you're not displaying these qualities, take action to uncover your true self and begin enjoying the amazing results. The benefits of knowing who you really are will change your life forever.


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