Discover Your True Self by Fostering Your Spirituality


Some people equate spirituality with religion, which is untrue. Or, they view it as a bogus practice that's ultimately useless.

However, a large volume of research has found that spiritual people are happier, more productive and fulfilled and also live a longer healthier life. More importantly, people who practice spirituality are firmly grounded in who they are.

If you're wondering how spiritual practice can help you discover who you really are, consider these 4 powerful benefits:

1.    Spirituality develops mindfulness

Staying present and mindful keeps you in touch with yourself at all times, fully aware of your thoughts and actions and what triggers them. In other words, being mindful uncovers your true self.

Meditation is one of the most powerful practices for developing mindfulness, along with a long list of positive qualities that foster inner peace and self-acceptance. The physical and mental benefits of meditation have been widely documented and likewise, its impact on your spiritual health can be transformative to your life.

 2. Spirituality develops self-acceptance

One of the core qualities that spiritual practice foster is self-acceptance and self-pride. Both are integral to knowing your true self.

Spirituality heightens your sense of connection to something outside of yourself. You understand that your life has a meaning and purpose, and that you are here for a reason. This allows you to accept and embrace yourself exactly as you are.

Strong spirituality further grounds you by making you more accepting and tolerant of others, as well as failures and setbacks and builds your resilience to overcome them.

 3.  Spirituality fosters inner peace

When you nourish your spiritual health, you become infinitely wiser and emotionally strong. You stop seeking approval, comparing yourself to others and embroiling yourself in petty conflicts.

Strong spirituality breeds immense inner calm and tranquility and this, coupled with self-acceptance, makes your sense of self stronger and your life more rewarding.

When you gain this calm and inner peace, you start to discover more and more about who you truly are and what you want from life. More importantly, you're able to make decisions and take actions that serve your true self first and foremost.

 4.  Spirituality breeds humbleness and gratitude

Developing your spirituality brings home two facts: first, our ultimate insignificance in the bigger scheme of things. Second, how abundant and wonderful life is and how lucky we are to be part of it. Both of these realizations help you uncover your true self by deciding where you want to go in life and what's really meaningful to you.

Additionally, humbleness and gratitude are two amazing qualities that bring joy and fulfillment. 


Working on and maintaining your spiritual health keeps you grounded and proud of who you are. The added bonus is that spiritual practice is a big stress-buster and emotional healer as well.  Strong spiritual health allows you to enjoy and appreciate life and helps you become at peace with the world and with yourself.

So, put your spiritual fitness alongside the importance of your physical and mental health and never underestimate its transformative power.

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