Do You Need to Rediscover Yourself ? 5 Key Questions to Ask


It's not surprising that more and more people find themselves wondering: "Who am I really?" This is because our fast-paced, stressful lives are more complicated than ever. There are infinitely more opportunities for us to get sidetracked and stray from our true selves.

If you've found yourself wondering who you really are, it's likely that you need to rediscover yourself. Asking the following 5 questions and reflecting on them honestly will give your insight into whether you've lost your sense of identity. 


 1.    Are you where you want to be in your life?

Reflect honestly on where you currently are in your life. Are you where you want to be career-wise and in your personal life? Do you feel fulfilled and content? Are you positive and excited about the future?

If the answer is yes, then you're nicely grounded and know exactly who you are and what you want from life. If the answer is no, then you've lost sight of who you really are. You need to reflect on why you feel this way and what you need to do to get back on track.


 2.  Are you happy in your relationships?

Sometimes, we settle into relationships that lead us astray from our true selves in various ways. A controlling partner, overly-critical friends or family members who expect too much. Trying to cater to the needs of others over your own guarantees that you'll lose yourself in the process.

Reflect on your key relationships and ask yourself: are they healthy and balanced? Do they provide you with emotional security and independence? Are they fulfilling and supportive of your well-being?

You may make the realization that easing out of unhealthy relationships is necessary for you to rediscover who you really are.


 3.  Do you actively seek approval and acceptance?

When you strive too hard for acceptance and approval, you may be forced to become someone you're not. You behave and say things that are against your nature or beliefs because the desire to be accepted is too strong.

It's no wonder that over time, their lives become blurred between the approval-seeking you and the real you.


 4.  Are you true to yourself first and foremost?

If adhering to your core values and beliefs is a priority, then you know exactly who you are. If you compromise them for the sake of getting ahead or winning approval, you're selling yourself out.

The end never justifies the means because when you lose your self-integrity and values, you lose an integral part of what makes you who you are. 


 5.  Do you often feel lost and overwhelmed?

Feelings of aimlessness and overwhelm are an indication that you've lost track of your purpose. Your purpose is another integral part of who you are. Purpose is what brigs meaning, passion and excitement to your life and fosters your self-acceptance.

If you've experienced these feelings, reaffirming or reassessing your purpose can often put you back on track.



 There are many ways to rediscover who you really are and regain your true self. The key is to recognize that you need to take action to quickly overcome your confusion and distress.

Take a few minutes to reflect on these 5 questions and whether you need to take action to rediscover yourself.


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