The 5-Day Challenge to Discovering Who You Really Are


Have the pressures and fast-paced changes in your life caused you to lose yourself? Do you feel that you've been sidetracked from your purpose and no longer know what you want? Do you feel that you've become a different person and that you haven’t been true to yourself? Is your life no longer as fulfilling and rewarding as it used to be?

These are all common signs of someone who’s lost their sense of identity. The following 5-day challenge will quickly get you back on track with your life by empowering you to uncover who you truly are at this point in your life.

DAY 1 - Try something completely new

Discovery and personal growth are essential for understanding your true self and your changing needs and interests. On day 1, your goal is to try something completely new that you've never considered before. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover a new skill or talent in yourself that enforces your sense of identity.

 Make this practice a regular part of your routine to keep the process of self-discovery going. You never know what amazing new possibilities open up, and what discoveries you make about yourself!

DAY 2 - Affirm your values

Another easy way to lose yourself is to compromise your core values. We often do those for the sake of getting ahead, avoiding rejection or gaining approval. But when it comes to your identity, the end never justifies the means.

Day 2 involves reviewing your core values and beliefs and making the intention to display and adhere to them at all times. They are an integral part of who you are and what you stand for, so never be ashamed to display them with pride and confidence. The respect you gain for your integrity will further strengthen your sense of self.

DAY 3 - try a new look

Reinventing yourself physically is another great way to uncover who you really are. This challenge involves experimenting with a totally new look that again, may pleasantly surprise you. A new haircut, switching from glasses to contact lenses or a totally new wardrobe can really foster your self-confidence and build self-acceptance.

Make it a habit to continue this process of discovery by reinventing yourself every few months.

DAY 4 – Count your blessings

Pause throughout your day to mentally express all of the things you have to be grateful for. How does this help you discover yourself? By bringing home the things and people that bring meaning to your life and make you happy to be who you are.

Make gratitude a consistent part of your routine to stay grounded in yourself and accepting of who you are, because you're blessed to have so many wonderful abundances in your life.

DAY 5 – Foster self-acceptance

Celebrate your strengths and unique talents that make you who you are. Make it a habit to celebrate your successes and reward yourself for being one of a kind.

Foster your self-acceptance by making the intention to hang out with supportive people who celebrate your great qualities and accept you just as you are.  


Uncovering who you are is an immensely empowering process. It means the difference between leading a life of aimlessness and disillusionment and one filled with purpose, passion and tremendous fulfillment.

When you're done with the challenge, continue to engage in the 5 practices regularly to instill them as lasting habits.  The wonderful transformation that results from knowing who you really are will remain with you for life and empower you to find – and achieve – your greatness.


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